• Park It On Market is a 500-stall public parking garage located at the corner of 6th Avenue and Market Street. Open 24-hours a day, special event and monthly permit pricing available.

  • 6th & K Parkade is a 1,230-stall public parking garage located next to Petco Park between 6th & 7th Avenue in East Village. 230 stalls serve the Omni Hotel, 1,000 stalls are open to the public 24-hours a day. Special event and monthly permit pricing available.

  • A new and updated Wayfinding System has been designed to greatly improve vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding throughout downtown. The types of signage to be included in this system are vehicular directional signs, gateway signs, kiosk signs and pedestrian directional signs – over 200 signs in total.

  • The new technology Kiosk-style parking meter is a single station, typically serving an entire block thereby reducing sidewalk clutter and obstacles for pedestrians. The new meters will also take credit cards. To date, the City has installed approximately 125 new technology meters downtown.

  • The Downtown Community Parking District is installing 200 bike racks throughout downtown and is working with the City to place 3-6 bike corrals to improve the downtown community's bicycle friendliness.

  • The Downtown Community Parking District has contributed to the purchase of two vintage trolleys running as the Silver Line downtown.

  • The Downtown Community Parking District, through a contract with the Little Italy Association, has developed the universal valet program that runs Thursday through Sunday nights at 4 locations throughout the neighborhood.

  • Opportunities to reconfigure existing on-street parking would include the strategic conversion of parallel parking to angled parking or converting angled parking to perpendicular parking in targeted and appropriate locations, to increase the supply of parking on a given block face.


The Downtown Community Parking District

Established by the City of San Diego in 1997 in order to invest in and manage public parking assets within downtown San Diego. The DCPD's goal is to increase the supply and manage the existing supply of public on-street and off-street parking, calm traffic, reduce congestion, promote walking and biking, provide for pedestrian safety improvements and improve neighborhood appearance. Downtown has several major regional attractions that create a need for smart parking management such as the San Diego Bay and waterfront, the Convention Center, Petco Park, the Historic Gaslamp Quarter restaurants and retail, and India Street restaurants and retail, to name a few. The Downtown Community Parking District is administered by Civic San Diego.

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