We understand that you have questions. These are some of the most common parking questions you might have before visiting us downtown. Still need help? Please feel free to call or email us in advance of your visit.

Visitor Parking
I'm a visitor. How do I pay for parking?

When you arrive at the facility, you will pull a ticket to enter the garage. Please keep that ticket safe as you will need it to exit. When you are ready to leave,you have the option to pay cash or card at the Paystations located on the ground level of each elevator bay or pay with your card at the exit machine. If you have any issues, you can press the silver "assistance" button on the machine to contact a 24hr team member.

I lost my parking ticket. What do I do?

You will need to pay the Lost Ticket Fee at one of the Paystations located on the ground level of each elevator bay. The Lost Ticket Fee is $25

Does the garage accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard at all payment terminals.

What do I do if I prepaid for my parking online, but the garage is full?

All prepaid parkers are accommodated accordingly within their reserved time limits. If the lot is full, present your reservation to a team member and they will ensure your parking reservation is honored if it is within the reserved.

How do I avoid event traffic if I prepaid for my parking online?

To avoid the majority of event parkers, you can enter on the 7th Ave side of the garage where a team member will assist you with entry.

What time does the garage close?

Both Park It On Market and 6th & K Parkade are open and available for use 24 hours a day. Please keep in mind that during special events and weekend nights, increased traffic will fill the garages to capacity.

I'm staying at a local hotel and they recommended we park here. Do we have to pay the public rates?

Yes, while we work closely with local hotels and businesses, we do not have special rates or offer in-and-out privileges for hotel guests.

Monthly Parking
How do I use my new keycard or transponder?

If you have a keycard, swipe it in front of the grey pad conveniently located at every entrance and exit. Transponders are read by antennas hanging from the ceiling. Please place them in the center of your dashboard and approach the entrance or exit gate slowly.

Will my access device work on the weekend or after hours?

Your access keycard or transponder will only work within your allotted hours and days of use. It will not work outside of your allotted hours.

What do I do with my old access device?

We do not have a buy-back nor do we accept returns of old keycards or transponders.

Where do I make my monthly payment?

Monthly payments can be made onsite with an attendant. We accept cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), and checks.

Will my access device work at all entry and exits?

Yes, as long as you are entering and exiting the garage within your allotted hours.

Who do I contact if my access device is not working?

Please let an attendant or on-duty supervisor know that you are having difficulty with your device. Please have the device number, account name, and customer name ready.

How do I avoid event traffic if I am a Monthly Parker?

To avoid the majority of event parkers, you can enter on the 7th Ave side of the garage where a team member will assist you with entry.

What types of validations are available for purchase?

We offer purchases of custom chaser tickets. These can be ordered in denominations ranging from $1 per ticket to $15 per ticket.

How do I order validations?

For all orders, please contact an onsite managerial team via email at

How do you use chaser tickets?

Chaser tickets look like regular tickets, but have the dollar value printed on the front of the ticket. Please present your chaser ticket along with the ticket you pulled upon entering the garage. The value of the chaser ticket will be deducted from the cost of parking.